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For many people, living signifies the opportunity to conquer a certain thing that is occasionally impossible to possess, or else life will end up being dull and seemed meaningless. Right now, before I'm attacked on just about all sides by people who believe themselves to end up being far too rational or logical to end up being obsessed with anything, I would have you ask in this simple question. If perhaps your life will be ruled with an endless routine, from the minute you awaken right up until the time you go returning to bed in the evening, where every little thing occurring is expected, how may you truly refer to that as living? Therefore, those who can discover fun in a number of things are extremely fortunate. I possess the character of not really hiding anything that I'm enthusiastic about. I hope that after this particular article, you will uncover your dark and deep obsession too.

Not every individual is actually educated to look both ways of the street before they embark on a road crossing. This was actually a shocking encounter which I learnt whenever I had been walking on the streets of Paris. Viewing children there who're mindlessly making their way across the street is a typical scene. Fortunately they safely crossed the street plus reached the other side with no accident. I once stopped and asked a small group of them as to why they in no way bother to check both ways before they dashed across the street merely to get empty stares as well as laughing. This might be a surprising experience, but what's truly wonderful is that you can actually get other experiences similar to this every time you go to different places. These kind of varied encounters really reinforce my enthusiasm of traveling. The thing is, as soon as you step out of your own doorstep, you have absolutely no clue what you are going to bump into around the upcoming bend. When out on a traveling trips you need to quit your old way of doing things and pattern of living and even your language.

Several people think about photography as a hobby simply because it helps you to get hold of pictures or particular memories or various other issues that captures your attention at a certain instant. However I take a look at photography from a distinct point of view. I see photography as a time capsule that's capable of bringing back a peek into the past as well as experiences which may by no means be again reproduced with the exception of your mind. One thing about photography that fuels my own obsession is it enables you to re-create all of the sounds, feelings, emotions, and smells at the very moment whenever the shutter clicked. Photographs also have the exclusive distinction of sharing these lovely memories with other people who had been involved with the minute, but also helps keep a number of your personal moments as a secret. Thus, it's no wonder how a number of pictures are in a position to leave a mark on your brain, eventhough you're able to take only a few glimpse of them before they are taken from you forever.

Hence, only when you are able to wake your greatest desire as well as lose yourself with it, that you will begin living a real life, one that's filled with so much excitement and also endless pleasure. You will certainly live your full life whenever you discover your hidden love for a certain thing.

Sochi 2014 may be the worst event ever held

The Sochi 2014 has started amidst much fanfare. But under the headlines, questions still linger. Is Russia really ready to host the major event called winter olympics?

Images and tweets coming out from the reporters sent there appear to show otherwise. Media accommodation still under construction. Drinking water that looks like recycled water. Half-built accommodations with wild dogs and construction workers among their guests. The list of troubles seems to be an endless one.

The host doesn’t appear to be completely prepared, it appears. Given the tremendous power and resources they have, I wonder if this is only a flop or it is really a half-hearted planning at the part of the world’s superpower. At the very least the Chinese did brilliantly with Beijing 2008. Sochi seems to be just like a hell at this time.

Anyway, just enjoy a few of the bizarre stories that I’ve stumbled across.

Salute for taking such a photo!

Salute for taking such a photo!

Source: Flickr / janellecordova